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Snowden might have taught us to expect to be monitored, but his message, that our freedom is being diluted by a manufactured fear of the evil that surveillance ‘protects’ us from, is not being heard. Louder and clearer to many is the message that comes from the security state mind, a suspicion carried on the air like a germ, that certain kinds of journalism, like certain aspects of citizenship, are basically treacherous and a threat to good management. This germ has infected society to such a degree that people don’t notice, they don’t mind, and a great many think it not only permissible but sensible and natural, in a culture of ‘threat’, to imagine that privacy is merely a luxury of the guilty.

Andrew O’Hagan reviews ‘No Place to Hide’ by Glenn Greenwald · LRB 25 September 2014

I'm listening to Brian Eno's "By This River" because it is really nice. If you want to listen:

"...for the people out there not interested in our unclaimed bank accounts, look at it as the blood, sweat and tears of some Nigerian guys in your junk mail, or even better, in your authenticated credit card data."

U2 > News > 'Remember Us?'

As stated more eloquently elsewhere, "Bono articulates the spammer’s credo: People who weren’t remotely interested might play us for the first time because we’re in their library."

Somehow, a massive payment to a single band represents some kind of innovative artist economic model.

What's he SAYING? RT: @scottlo: A famous mesmerist from long ago continues to mesmerize through the magic of the GIF -

What happened?

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J Mascis – "Every Morning" feat. Fred Armisenfrom Funny Or Die     

This video reminds me of a couple documentaries I saw over the past month. The Source Family depicts a "radical experiment in '70s utopian living", involving sex, drugs, surprisingly not-bad rock 'n roll, and health food restaurants. I found the whole scene around Father Yod unexpectedly gripping viewing, even if the narrative arc of euphoria to disillusion had a certain grim inevitability to it. (Then again, many of the Family still view the experience in surprisingly positive terms.) I also saw The Magic Trip, and again was surprised how much I enjoyed it. I'm a fan of Ken Kesey, but had read and seen so much about the Merry Pranksters over the years I doubted there was much that could feel fresh to me. But Don Fleming and others have restored the audio and for the first time synched it to the jumble of film that the Pranksters shot on their voyages. That, and the vivid quality of the visuals gives the footage an immediate and even contemporary feel to it...  Worth watching for the Neal Cassady raps behind the wheel alone.

One other thing I like about the J Mascis video above is how it implies the countercultural transition from "back to the garden" hippiedom to Silicon Valley capitalism, documented by Fred Turner's  From Counterculture to Cyberculture: Stewart Brand, the Whole Earth Network, and the Rise of Digital Utopianism and John Markoff's What the Dormouse Said.

Borrego feliz en Borrego Ruido

Might be worth a try

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This could be the easiest way to get rid of authoritarian anti-freedom types:

Finally, just to take this to its ludicrous extreme, I asked for reactions to a “law to eliminate right-wing authoritarians.” (I told the subjects that right-wing authoritarians are people who are so submissive to authority, so aggressive in the name of authority, and so conventional that they may pose a threat to democratic rule.) RWA scale scores did not connect as solidly with joining this posse as they had in the other cases. Surely some of the high RWAs realized that if they supported this law, they were being the very people whom the law would persecute, and the posse should therefore put itself in jail. But not all of them realized this, for authoritarian followers still favored, more than others did, a law to persecute themselves. You can almost hear the circuits clanking shut in their brains: “If the government says these people are dangerous, then they’ve got to be stopped.”

From Bob Altemeyer's The Authoritarians. Available at

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